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The Ethereal Octopus

Hawaiian Name: He’e
Hawaiian Archipelago

Octopi are quite intelligent, they have great memory and problem solving abilities.
It is of interest to know that Octopi:

  • Swim backwards by jet propulsion, taking water into their mantle cavity and ejecting it through the funnel near the mouth.
  • Are capable of oozing through cracks a fraction of an inch wide.
  • When frightened can eject a blob of ink which is used as a smokescreen.
  • Can change color when necessary.
  • Have eight sucker-lined arms and a beak like a parrot.
  • Feed mostly on crabs and mollusks, they may at times also eat fish.
  • Are seen mostly in the early morning and late afternoon from sallow water to depths of 150 feet or more.

They have been described as ethereal and, at the same time, elaborate, elegant and slightly mischievous.


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About Victoria

For the last forty-five years Victoria has photographed in the Hawaiian Island Chain recording special moments in time. She hopes her images will help raise awareness of the need to preserve the integrity of Hawaii’s natural treasures. May our respect and courtesy be given to the land and its wildlife and to the ocean and its sea life.