Victoria’s Images

Sea Turtles

Swimming the seas for over 180 million years, Sea Turtles are ancient guardians of the oceans.

Do you feel like you’re right there? That is the goal, to bring you into the moment where you’re swimming with Hawaii’s Green Sea Turtles.  

As they swim by they seem to be in flight. It takes patience and a lot of time watching from a distance to observe the natural behavior towards each other. Swimming in Hawaii’s waters with them I observed some rare and amazing interactions between Hawaii’s Green Sea Turtles. 

The search to find the best fine art wall decor is difficult. There is a lot of art featuring the beauty of Hawaii out there. With 45 years of experience as Hawaii’s premier wildlife photographer, Victoria has taken some of the best turtle photos there are. They are perfect for home decor when you are looking for fine art prints of turtles underwater or turtles on the sand.

Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle among coral heads


Aqua-azure waters are edged by pristine beaches and heavens of whispering clouds.

Hawaii beaches are known for their beautiful sand and clear aqua water. Some may wonder if the best beaches are on Kauai, or the best-secluded beaches are on Oahu, but nothing can beat the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands with its vast white sand beaches, unique wildlife and some of the clearest ocean water on the planet. In the photo named “Heavenly Peace” you would want to dive into its aqua-azure waters. Now imagine it printed in large format and framed on your wall.

A quote from Victoria McCormick describing her photos of the sky and ocean.

“Imagine yourself feeling the warmth of the ocean’s breeze gently caressing your face while inhaling the energy of a tropical shoreline ….. ah, what a feeling. Cleansing one’s mind while soothing one’s soul. Filling your heart with tranquility, yet drawn by the adventure of exploring life’s many paths. Let Hawaii’s ocean aqua-azure waters soothe and cleanse you, allowing yourself to follow the passions of your heart.”

– Victoria McCormick

A gentile wave washes over a sandy beach with Mokolua Islands behind


Waves are the force of nature that create ever-changing patterns.

Oahu Wave Photography, Big Surf Swells

These are fine art photos from the North Shore of Oahu where the surf is beautiful in the winter months. Have you ever wanted to add some fine art to your home or office and want to feel the motion of the ocean? These beautiful Waimea Bay surf photos almost look like paintings. It’s in the way the waves are photographed. To capture photos of 25 foot high surf swells, most photograpers are focused on surfers. But in these surf photos, it’s all about the inside break of the waves. How they create photos with the feeling of fine art paintings.

There are other places on Oahu, like Sharks Cove near Pupukea, Hawaii where many people watch as the North Swell waves clash with the island’s reef, creating a remarkable crescendo in the form of an ornamental sea fan.

Victoria explains her wave images in this quote:

“I like to describe these images as silky ribbons of soft tropical ocean playfully unfolding themselves in this collection of wave sculptures. Thundering as they break in the early morning light, blue-azure waves are laced with sea spray.

“Oahu is the surf mecca of the world and I hope my images will help raise awareness of the need to preserve the integrity of Hawaii’s natural treasures.” -Victoria McCormick


25 foot wave breaks in a long curl at Waimea Bay shorebreak

Sea Life

Slipping through the looking glass from Hawaii’s tropical shoreline into the warm ocean water sometimes gives you a chance to see extraordinary sea life.

If you really want some of Hawaii’s best fine art wall decor that makes you feel like you’re underwater swimming with some of the oceans’ most majestic creatures, imagine this series of photos of eagle rays and turtles. Now imagine these images on your wall in the favorite area of your home.

“One of my most sacred experiences was witnessing the courtship of the Eagle Ray. It was truly a magnificent dance. These two Spotted Eagle Rays swam together for hours, gracefully gliding as if they were flying through the ocean’s aqua waters. Their courtship dance was one of gentle persuasions mixed with moments of high energy propulsion. After mating, their dance became one of synchronism. At times their wing-like pectoral fins would be within an inch of each other as they swam side by side in graceful patterns.” 

-Victoria McCormick

Green Sea turtle and Spotted Eagle Ray swim past eachother

Sea and Sky

The cloud filled heavens above the ocean’s colorful patterns beckon one to venture into the beauty.

Allow yourself to step out of time into these heavens of daydreams above aqua-azure waters. Inhale the essence of these moments, cleansing one’s mind while soothing one’s soul. Listen to the heavens of whispering clouds.

I hope my images will help raise awareness of the need to preserve the integrity of Hawaii’s natural treasures. May our respect and courtesy be given to the land and its wildlife and to the ocean and its sea life.


Forty-five years of photography of Hawaii’s Wildlife is now avaliable to enjoy.

Welcome to some of Hawaii’s wildlife I have had the honor of photographing in the last forty-five years. Each and every one was a delight and opened my eyes to Hawaii and how very special these islands are. The islands wildlife and sea life are to be treasured.

Each image has a story you will find when you take a closer look at your favorite photograph. From Hawaii’s Monk Seals, Dolphins, Eagle Rays and birds you will see their humor and some of their life experiences.

May our respect and courtesy be given to the land and its wildlife and to the ocean and its sea life.

All of these species are available in fine art prints to enjoy.

Up Country Style

The unique highlands of Hawaii.

The enchantment of Hawaii’s up country is a sight to behold. From misty mountain sides rich with Koa trees to rolling pastures accented with blue skies and billowy white clouds. In ancient Hawaii Koa symbolized health, wealth and well-being.

Easy going country roads wind their way through green pastures accented by horses, cattle and the glorious jacaranda trees.

Brilliant lavender colored jacaranda trees have a way of touching one’s soul. Hawaii’s upcountry is a delight for the senses.

Perhaps a upcountry fine art print would add to your Hawaii images of white sand beaches and aqua-azure ocean scenes.

Getting Our Big Mammal Fix

Adventures in North America.

Traveling to photograph the wonders of our national parks and incredible mammals has gifted my photography many special moments in time. I’ve enjoyed capturing images on film and digital cameras.

When I was eight I was allowed to use my family’s Brownie camera. This gave me the experience with our farm animals and was a perfect beginning to my career.

Here is a presentation of my favorite images. Each and everyone of these images is available in a fine art photography print.

Using a 600mm lens gives many a photographer a chance to observe the expressions and movement of these mammals. I recognize the adventure in every image. Finding their expressions of great interest as to what they may do next in their movement. As a photographer being prepared to capture the image gives you an edge.

I’ve spent hours of observing and enjoying nature. After all it is one the the greatest gifts we can give ourselves. From the majestic mountains and lakes with rivers leading into the pastures and prairies this is a photographers dream of Heaven.

About Victoria

For the last forty-five years Victoria has photographed in the Hawaiian Island Chain recording special moments in time. She hopes her images will help raise awareness of the need to preserve the integrity of Hawaii’s natural treasures. May our respect and courtesy be given to the land and its wildlife and to the ocean and its sea life.