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The Patriot

Red-Footed Booby
Hawaiian name: `A

What a proud character this juvenile Red-Footed Booby is. These Boobies spend a lot of time practicing their skills by playing with sticks on land and flying in the wind currents above.

Having a wingspan of 40 inches gives the Red-Footed Boobies the ability of powerful steady flight with intervals of short glides between rapid wing beats. Enlarged eyes improve their nocturnal village in to help them catch a primary food, squid. Being a plunge diver, they attack their prey (squid, adult mackerel, scads, flying fish, and juvenile goldfish) from above okay goose sized torpedo.

Courtship involves repeated strutting, bowing, and a series of head and wing movements. The male points his bill towards the sky while lifting his wings and whistling. The female approaches taking a long whistle. The mail collects and brings sticks to the nest site where the female constructs the nest by adding new material as needed. Incubation of the egg is 46 days and fledgling is about 91 days. The oldest known red footed booby was 21 years 11 months old.

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For the last forty-five years Victoria has photographed in the Hawaiian Island Chain recording special moments in time. She hopes her images will help raise awareness of the need to preserve the integrity of Hawaii’s natural treasures. May our respect and courtesy be given to the land and its wildlife and to the ocean and its sea life.