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Masked Booby • Hawaiian name: ‘A

This Masked Booby’s humorous behavior is quickly apparent. Being a seabird chick that will have a 60” wingspan and is growing up on a remote wildlife refuge gives the young bird moments to experiment during the 118 days before fledging to those aqua waters.

Masked Boobies have an elaborate courtship. They attract mates by strutting, bowing, a series of head and wing movements, and a lot of parading around on the ground. At the chosen nest site, the male will present many objects, fiom twigs to feathers, to the female. She will pick and choose fi’om these to build the nest. In Hawaii they feed by plundging into the ocean after mostly large flying fish but also dolphinfish, green halfbeaks, and adult mackerel scads. Spending more time ashore than most Hawaiian seabirds, they are at home on land as well as at sea. The oldest known masked booby lived to be 25 years 3 months old.

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For the last forty-five years Victoria has photographed in the Hawaiian Island Chain recording special moments in time. She hopes her images will help raise awareness of the need to preserve the integrity of Hawaii’s natural treasures. May our respect and courtesy be given to the land and its wildlife and to the ocean and its sea life.