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Kalalau Lookout Sunset

The Garden Island

Kauai is the oldest of the main Hawaiian Islands. A land of enchantment 554 square miles with 90 miles of coastline. Elegant ridges and waterfalls grace the 4, 000 foot cliffs of Kokee. Forty-five miles of hiking trails entwine Kauai’s most remote forest treasures. Kokee encompasses flora and fauna found nowhere else on earth.

Alive with endemic and rare birds such as the ‘I‘iwi, ‘Elepaio, ‘Anianiau, Nuku Pu‘u, ‘Amakihi, and the ‘Apapane, the Alakai Swamp houses the last survivors of Hawaiian birds such as the ‘O‘u, ‘Akikiki, the Puaiohi, Akialoa and the O‘o‘a‘a‘ the rarest bird in the world. In Kokee you may also see the White-tailed Tropicbird, Pueo, the Mao (Red Jungle Fowl), and the only native land mammal, the Hoary Bat.

Nature and time have sculpted elegant coastal ridges as well as “the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.” Kokee State Park presents untamed tropical wilderness to the adventurous explorer. Kokee Natural History Museum is an important educational and inspiring must to visit while in the park.

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About Victoria

For the last forty-five years Victoria has photographed in the Hawaiian Island Chain recording special moments in time. She hopes her images will help raise awareness of the need to preserve the integrity of Hawaii’s natural treasures. May our respect and courtesy be given to the land and its wildlife and to the ocean and its sea life.